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Raft Game · Play Online Free

The plot where you have to survive is extremely popular and you may go through it in many online games. But in Raft, the adventures are especially thrilling as all events unfold in the open sea where your character is completely alone. You start on a very poor raft, and your task is to find ways to rebuild it and remain alive. Look for resources and use them to strengthen your hero’s position. Are you ready for this adventure?

Survive in the open sea!

It will not be easy to complete this mission as there is no one to help you. Furthermore, the situation is complicated by lots of opponents! The waters are full of hungry sharks that are just waiting for you to distract and become an easy victim for them. It is clear enough that this half-ruined plot will not protect you for a long time. So you need to invent something to strengthen your character. Only one solution will work in your favor in this case – collect all the materials you need to rebuild the raft and turn it literally into a fortress with all the essential things you need to move on. But these are not all the difficulties that the player will face. As in real life, your personage will need to drink and eat – monitor special indicators of hunger and thirst – you will find these in the lower right corner. You have to get some fish and collect drinkable water to survive. Also, during the game, you will need various household items to live a normal life.

Do not stop to look for resources

At first, you may think there are absolutely no chances to survive in Raft. You see only a lot of garbage floating around you in the waters. And you are armed only with a hook. But do not give up! Use this device to fish everything you see – you can create a lot of useful things from the collected materials. Step by step, you will craft some more instruments and start rebuilding your raft. Do not miss debris, barrels and boxes. From time to time, you will come across ship parts – a sail, a steering wheel, a hull element and so on. You will have to collect them all until you have all the essential parts to construct a powerful ship. Some resources are very difficult to find so you will need to be very hard-working to get these. And do not forget that the gameplay is rather unpredictable – your character continuously risks to become the prey of the evil sharks. So make sure you craft enough weapons to be able to protect yourself from these dangerous creatures. Good luck in this thrilling adventure!

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