All survival games are designed for tireless players who are determined to work hard and progress in dangerous environments. Raft is no exception. You play for a hero who managed to remain alive after a dreadful shipwreck. But now he is absolutely alone in the middle of the ocean. He has just a small raft and a hook. Is that possible to find a way to survive?

Do not stop looking for resources

Your current raft is very weak and unsafe. It is vital to start looking for materials that can strengthen it. As you know, there are several chapters of the game, and every time, you will find more and more elements you can add to your floating vehicle. The crafting possibilities also expand. Now you can create a lot of utensils you use in everyday life. The raft can be now modernized to an unbelievable level – it can be turned into a powerful floating house with everything a person may need for living.

Collect ship parts and explore islands!

The project authors have decided to allow the players to build a real ship! So, from time to time, you will see different ship parts floating in the water. Your task is to be attentive and collect all of them. Of course, it will not happen overnight. So you need to be patient and attentive not to miss a single spare part of your future vessel. Besides, now you can also enjoy exploring different islands. You can land on some of them and look for provisions and exclusive resources. The list of activities is practically endless now – you can even grow some plants on your raft and have pets. And the best novelty is that you can play together with your friends or just interact with players from all over the world for the best gaming experience! Are you ready to embark on this incredible yet very dangerous journey? Get ready to cope with a huge number of problems and obstacles and come out a winner!

Raft 2022

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