The Raft project is already more than three years old, but its popularity does not seem to reduce over time. On the contrary, the game community is steadily growing, and lots of new users start on this exciting adventure every day. The game is devoted to survival in the sea. You play for the hero that wakes up all alone in the middle of endless waters. He is on a small raft, but it is clear enough that he will not sail too far on this half-ruined thing. How to manage this challenge? Let’s get started to see what you can do to save your character and navigate through the dangerous ocean.

Collect enough resources

At first, you may be puzzled about what you can do with only a strange hook. But do not rush to give up! Use this simple tool to check what is floating in the waters. Actually, you will see a lot of items there. Try to skillfully fish them out and study. Some of them are completely useless and you may throw them away, but others will help you start your raft repair works. Step by step, you will create a whole floating house with all the necessary things for normal lining. But do not stop on this achievement – keep your journey and reach various islands. Here, you will find more unique resources to further modernize your raft. You should not underestimate the importance of crafting weapons. Deep waters are full of wild predators – hungry sharks. You must be well protected and be able to fend off their attacks.

Enjoy new content

Raft chapter 3 comes with lots of new things and elements. Now you will enjoy innovative methods of construction and lots of new items. A new release will also bring new playable characters to the game. You will be able to find them and unlock them as you progress in the plot. These personages will be found in specific locations. You will also discover their backstory – it is related to the places where you find them. Now your adventures are even more thrilling as you will enjoy interacting with other users. Just switch to multiplayer mode and dive into this unbelievable world. You will love it!

Raft Chapter 3

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