This exciting game will allow you to dive in fabulous adventures with true pirates! It sounds unbelievably intriguing, doesn’t it? But where else will you be able to confront such opponents? So do not miss this perfect chance to experience a new plot survival story where you travel on the raft and try to kill the adversaries that are trying to attack you.

Fend off terrible pirates!

You will play for funny personages who move on a small inflatable watercraft across the sea. They have some treasures on board and need to safely deliver them home. But the task is not so easy as lots of evil opponents wish to steal them. You have only one goal in this adventure – to defeat your enemies in fierce head-to-head confrontations on the water and move to the next level. At first, you will play for two personages and fight against three opponents. However, over time, you can improve the characteristics of your raft and the number of controlled heroes may increase. This nuance matters a lot as the team with at least one member remaining on the raft wins. And as your team grows, you will have more chances to outperform the opponents.

How to succeed?

In the beginning of the level, you will be able to select the weapons and protective gear for your characters – helmets, shields, rockets, grenades and much more. But there is one important restriction here – you must do your best and defeat all the antagonists with a particular number of shots. To achieve the best results, you must carefully predict the trajectory of each projectile. It would be ideal to hit several targets with just one shot. The best option is to aim for the head as such a step will immediately kill your enemy. If you manage to use even less shots than it is allowed – you will earn additional coins. You will have to win 13 exciting levels and their difficulty will only grow. Get prepared to destroy enemy ships, drones and even helicopters.

Raft Wars

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