Are you ready to give a test to your survival potential? This time, all events unfold in the vast ocean where you have nobody to help you and cannot simply run away or hide. You must search for resources, craft various things and confront multiple dangers to remain alive. Does it sound easy? Then let’s give it a try to evaluate your performance. It is going to be an unbelievable experience!

A little about the story

You start in the open sea on just a half-ruined raft. You realize that you have managed to survive after some terrible shipwreck. But if you want to remain alive, you need to act – it is obvious you will not succeed on this poor floating vehicle. So you have several tasks to complete – look for resources in the water to repair and rebuild your raft, craft tools to get some food and water, and create some weapons to protect yourself from hungry sharks. Once you progress in the game, you will be able to land on different islands, explore them and find additional resources. Also, get ready to meet numerous opponents on your way – you must be well-armed to defeat them all and continue your trip safely.

Switch easily between modes

The gameplay is very flexible when it comes to a mode selection. When you are launching a new game, you can specify how you want to play. You can play solo or allow your friends to join the same game session via Steam and opt for multiplayer mode. Thus, you can easily change between these regimes – it is possible to starts game in a solo version and then switch to co-op with other players. And you can also try it vice versa. Once you are playing alone, you can always take a pause. But once you are interacting with other users in real-time, this feature is disabled. Even if you leave the game session, it will continue in your absence. Of course, it is more exciting to play together in a company of others – things move much faster if you distribute all duties between several players. You have chance to transform your plot into a powerful floating vehicle with all essential things needed for a full-fledged living. Besides, you will have fun participating in lots of exciting adventures together with your friends!

Raft Multiplayer

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