Raft is a survival adventure game where all events unfold in the middle of the ocean. The players need to build a huge raft house to get home and avoid the bloodthirsty sharks that are circling around in the waters. It sounds exciting but it will take tons of efforts before you succeed. You start on a small and half-ruined raft, all alone amidst endless waters. Now, everything will depend on your determination to survive.

Build a strong vehicle!

The first and foremost task to complete is to reinforce your raft. At first, you will be armed only with a hook – but this primitive device will enable you to catch various objects that are floating in the sea around you. At first glance, they seem useless. But it is enough to unleash your creativity and you will immediately see lots of options for crafting additional tools and things. Some of them will serve you as building material – use them to rebuild the raft and expand it. Gradually, your vehicle will be growing – you will add all the basic things you need for the normal existence. Do not forget that you need to get food and water for your character. So craft rods for fishing and arrange containers for gathering drinking water and keep the hunger and thirst parameters at a high level to successfully move on.

Have fun with endless updates

The developers keep adding new content to the project. You will find more and more exciting features in the new chapters of the game. There are so many resources on the menu that you can easily transform your raft into a multifunctional floating house. But do not forget that you are acting in a harsh environment full of hungry sharks. You must use all the possibilities to develop a whole arsenal of weapon and stay well-armed in case of their attack! The new updates also bring some playable characters that will totally change the gameplay. Furthermore, you will also meet new enemies and new methods to get resources. Now you can visit various islands and explore them for unique materials. Have fun in multiplayer mode and interact with users in real time. It is going to be a really thrilling adventures with lots of incredible events. Have fun!

Raft Survival

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