Sometimes, even online games make us feel vulnerable and helpless. This is exactly how the main hero of the Raft entertainment feels! He wakes up on a small raft in the open ocean. No matter where he looks, he sees only endless waters. How to survive in this trap if you have only a half-ruined raft and a strange hook in your hands? It seems that the main character is doomed. But wait a little before you give up. There must be some solution here!

Start collecting resources

It is not occasionally that you have this hook in your hands. Just look around and you will notice that the waters carry a lot of different objects. And some of them may be very useful! So try to fish them out with the help of the tool and explore these. Of course, there will be a lot of unnecessary rubbish, but other things can be excellent for restoring the raft and crafting more effective tools. You will need to make a rod for fishing as your hero needs to eat. And you will need to create a lot of other utensils for cooking, gathering drinking water and so on. You will also see sharks in the water – you must do your best to stay away from these hungry predators. The best approach is to craft some weapons you can use to fend off these ugly enemies. Do your best to devote enough attention to building, crafting, collecting resources and to your hero’s well-being. He must eat and drink enough – be sure to monitor the parameters of his hunger and thirst continuously.

Do not miss updates!

The authors do not stop to develop the project. And every time, you will be delighted to find new resources, new tools and other novelties. The range of items you can source and raft is literally stunning. In other words, you can turn a small raft into a paradise with a house, garden and even pets. If you work hard, your survival story will turn into an exciting journey with lots of adventures. You will travel across the sea on your refurnished raft and can visit lots of islands you meet on your way. Land there and explore new locations – you will find lots of unique resources there. Do not forget that the waters hide a lot of wild creatures that are just waiting for the most favorable moment to attack you. Be very careful and make sure you craft enough weapons to stay protected from all possible opponents. This game is literally endless, and if you devote enough time to it, you will soon build a whole floating town. Have fun in this engaging simulator!


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