Imagine that one day, you wake up in the open ocean, all alone on a small raft. What to do and where to run? Unfortunately, you realize well you cannot simply run away. But you need to survive at any cost. You cannot sit still and it is vital to start acting as soon as possible. So let’s get started?

Build a survival strategy!

When your first shock is over, you should look around, analyze everything and decide on your further steps. Your floating vehicle is very poor and unreliable, and it is clear enough it will not take you far if you do not restore it. Currently, you have no building resources or tools to do it immediately. All you have in hands is a hook! But think well – you can start with this tool! Look around and you will see a lot of items in the water. Use your hook to fish them out. Of course, there is a lot of garbage, but at the same time, you will get a lot of things that will serve you as building materials. Step by step, you will make your raft stronger and stronger. You will be even able to make special construction on it that will allow you to cook food, craft essential things and much more. And do not forget to widen the arsenal of your tools – it will allow you to source more resources and speed up things.

Find provision and fend off the enemies!

Besides restoring your raft, you should also work in other directions. Your character will need to manage his hunger and thirst – you will need to continuously watch these parameters not to fall to the critical level. Get enough fish to feed your hero and find ways to gather enough drinking water. And even that is not all the final task in this thrilling game. Once you feel your raft is strong enough – you can swim to other islands, land there and study new environments. It will bring you additional resources and take you on unbelievable adventures in new places. But always remember that you are not alone in the sea – but these are your opponents. There are a lot of evil sharks in deep waters, and they will be hunting you without stop. You must not forget to craft weapons to protect yourself. So as you see, you will be busy from dawn till night. Are you already impatient to start on this thrilling adventure? Good luck!

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