Many players mistakenly believe that survival simulators are monotonous and boring. No matter what is your past experience, we bet that with Raft chapter 4 you will completely change your opinion. This project was launched a few years ago, but its authors still keep working on it and add new incredible content to encourage more players to join it. And the result is awesome – you will not be able to stop once you start on this fabulous sea journey!

Make sure you collect enough resources

If you have not played Raft before, you will have to start from scratch. Your hero is the only person who survived in a massive shipwreck. But he is not safe at all. The thing is that he is now swimming on a tiny raft, all alone in endless waters. His raft can break at any moment, and he will instantly become a victim of hungry sharks. Now your ultimate goal is to help your character survive. And it is obvious that the priority tasks are to repair his raft and find food and water for him. Where to take all that? If you have noticed, the hero has a hook in his hands. Even if this tool is primitive enough, it can help you a lot. Use it to fish different objects floating in the sea – these may serve you as building materials.

Meet new characters and have fun!

Gone are the times when you had to survive alone in a dangerous environment. A new update will introduce additional playable characters, making all the adventures in Raft even more enjoyable. Besides, now you can find all the spare parts needed for a construction of a real ship! It will require a lot of efforts. But once you manage to collect all elements of your future vessel, you may forget about raft. Do not think for too long – this time, your sea journey will be more than thrilling. Do not miss to test multiplayer mode and interact with players from all over the world! Dive into events full of risks and dangers and use all the opportunities to become a winner!

Raft Chapter 4

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