Some adventures can fully immerse you in a new virtual world and make you forget about everything else. Raft is such entertainment! This is a survival story where you must work tirelessly throughout the whole gameplay to succeed and remain alive. So what is it all about? You play for a hero who managed to survive a terrible shipwreck. But it seems that all the hurdles are still ahead of you. The character is completely alone in the vast sea, floating on a poor raft. It is obvious you will drown soon if you do not take urgent actions. So it is time to start acting! But how to change anything if you are amidst endless waters with only a hook in your hands? Look around and you will notice that there are different items floating in the sea. Use the hook to fish them out and study. Some of these items will ideally serve you as building materials. So start repairing your raft and make it stronger. Do not forget to find food and get some water for your hero. And of course, be very careful as there are a lot of hungry sharks that are just waiting to reach you.

Enjoy new features in the game!

Raft started as a very simple entertainment. But over time, the authors added additional chapters and a lot of new features and elements. In the very first chapter, your ultimate goal was just to survive. But the following episodes will open up huge potential for crafting and research. You are now able to create a whole range of tools and instruments that will greatly improve your construction possibilities. Besides, now you can swim to different islands and land there. Explore new locations, get lots of new resources and materials to turn your raft into a modern ship with all essential things for a full-fledged living. Have fun!

Raft Update

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